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3.1 Broad Areas of Design:

 Design Theory Paradigms Design Process

 Design History Design Archive Design Methods

 Methodologies Simulation Design Hardware

 Integration Representation Design Environments

 Human Factors Technical Systems Design Management

 AI in Design Des. Analysis Product Development

3.2 Design Phase:

 Innovative Specification Conceptual

 Configuration Adaptive Variant

 Routine Embodiment Detailed

 Verification Maintenance

3.3 Product Realisation Process:

 Life-cycle Design Concurrent Engineering

 Agile Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping

 Virtual Prototyping Virtual Manufacturing

 Sequential Engineering Systematic Design

 Team-Based Other

3.4 Design Domain:

 Industrial Engineering Architectural

 Structural VLSI Electronic

 Electrical Mechanical Hydraulic

 Kinematic Control System Mechatronic

 Software Hardware Co-Design

 Systems Offshore Aerospace

 Aeronautical Robot Vision Systems

 Manufacturing Cell Manufacturing Process

 Manufacturing Plant Assembly Cell

 Assembly Process Assembly System

 Man-Machine Interface Instruments

3.5 Design for X:

 Function Manufacture Assembly

 Maintenance Service Environment

 Cost Safety Reliability

 Recycling Ergonomics Quality

 Production Fabrication Control

 Inspection Construction Continuous Improvement

3.6 Product Types:

 Large One-off Products Small One-off Products

 Large-Batch Products Small-Batch Products

 Virtual Products Real Products

3.7 Design Tools/Aids for:

 Computer Aided Design Design Optimisation

 Decision Support CAD Logic

 Group Design Support Concurrent Engineering

 Design and Manufacture Intelligent Design Systems

3.8 Application of Mathematical and Computational Techniques:

 Expert System Geometric Modelling

 Neural Networks Simulated Annealing

 Machine Learning Genetic Algorithms

 Adpative Search Symbolic Computing

 Numerical Analysis Statistical Analysis

 Pattern Recognition Relational Databases

 Obj-Oriented Databases Distributed Databases

 Data Modelling Information Modelling

 Artificial Intelligence Optimization

 Finite Elements Data Fusion

 Scientific Visualisation Data Mining

 Human-Computer Interface Communication in Design Groups

 Graphic Modelling Design Grammars/Languages

 Shape Grammars/Languages Formal Methods

 Data Exchange Feature Grammars

 Bond graph Operations research

 System science Cybernetics

 Dynamic programming Qualitative physics

 Statistical optimisation Multi-media systems

3.9 Specific Activities/Sub-problems in Product Development

 Feature Modelling Product Modelling

 Material and Process Selection Material Selection

 Process Selection Component Selection

 Process Planning Assembly Planning

 Requirements Engineering Specification

 Verification Validation

 Visualisation Layout Design

 Decision Support Optimization

 Reliability Engineering Design Education

 Quality Engineering Value Engineering

 System Simulation Cost Estimation

3.10 Manufacturing Materials

 Materials Selection Materials Databases

 Materials Design Polymers

 Advanced Composite Materials Process Selection

 Polymer Processing Polymer Composite Materials

 Metal Matrix Composites Structural Brickwork

3.11 Specific Artefact Design:

 Bolted and other connections Shaft-hub connections

 Mechanical Power Transmission Plastic gears

 Solid Lubrications for Bearings Ultra-high performance systems

 Construction machinery Machines

 Standard parts design Selecting Standard Components

 Modelling of assemblies Optimization of assemblies

 Thermodynamic systems Land vehicles

 Noise and vibration Friction and wear in machines

 Mobile Robots Programmable electro-mechanical products

 Precision engineering Mechatronics

 Aerospace crew system Sensors

 Impact loading and dynamics Machine parts

 Machine design Mechanisms

 High speed machinery Seawave energy converters

 Gas turbines Thermal design

 Impact buffer modelling Biolmedical equipment design

 Offshore equipment design User Interface

 Engineering design in plastics Hydraulic machines and systems

 Machine elements Prosthesis design

 Tool manufacturing Rapid prototyping

 Interdisciplinary systems Engineering systems

3.12 Miscellaneous Topics in Product Development

(In broad groupings)

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

 CAD System Architectures CAD Frameworks

 CAD Methods CAD Management Systems

 Intelligent CAD CAD/CAM/CIM

 CAD Integration CAD tools for early design stages

 Documentation problem in CAD Documentation problem in design


Group Design

 Design team coordination Design coordination

 Teamwork in engineering design Multi-function design teams

 Interaction in design Cooperative design

 Collaborative design Group design

 Cooperating expert systems Communication in distributed groups

 Team design protocol analysis CSCW

 Cooperative problem solving Team communication

 Virtual Co-location

Social Aspects of Design

 Social design process Ethnographic studies of CAD

 Behavioural models Anthropology of engineering RandD

 Cognitive psychology Cognitive processes in design

 Question-asking and design Product Aesthetics

 Development studies Psychology of technical creativity

Quality Issues in Design

 Engineering design and quality Quality function deployment (QFD)

 Total quality management(TQM) Working Environment and Quality

 Quality of design Design function deployment (DFD)

 Taguchi's methods Quality control

 Quality assurance

Form-Function Issues

 Form and function Geometric reasoning

 Form-generation theories Tolerance theories

 Geometric Tolerances Tolerance analysis

Information Management

 Information science Information processing

 Manufacturing info systems Design info systems

 Design information flow Data management

 Electronic catalogues Engineering catalogues

 Design databases Engineering databases

 EDA and EDI standards Enterprise modelling

 Enterprise integration Logistics

 Life-cycle modelling Life-cycle analysis




Design Science

 Robust design Structured methodology

 Methodical design Systematic design

 Systems methods Parametric design

 Incremental design Iteration in design

 Optimal design Meta-design theory

 Domain-independent design Praxiology

 System theory Theory of technical systems

 Engineering design science Design research bibliography

 Terminology for design Design taxonomy

 Design logic Design thinking

 Design architectures Design rules

 Design axioms Axiomatic design

 Design guidelines Function-based design

 Descriptive studies Prescriptive studies

 Design for production Structural identification

 Design evaluation Imprecision in design

 Uncertainty Incompleteness

 Total design Integration with engineering science

 Design diagnostics Design repair

 Design curriculum Reverse engineering

 Configuration design Configuration optimisation

 Configuration evaluation Circuit simulation

 Design analysis Evaluation in design

 Design languages Generative systems

 Constraint languages Constraint models

 Constraint processes Constraint management

 Design reasoning

Machine Learning Issues

 Machine learning in design Case-based reasoning

 Design knowledge capture K-Based design systems

 K-Based design selection Structure of Knowledge

 Knowledge reuse Domain ontologies

 Design archives Design reuse

 Design automation Design support environment

 Agent-based design Actors model

 Design rationale Corporate memory

Innovation Issues

 Innovation strategies Creative thinking in design

 Creative design process Design creativity

 Creativity in design Management of innovation

 Product planning Computational processes for creative design

 Structured planning Categorization and anlogical reasoning

 Sketching Experimental design

Design Process

 Abstraction in designing Theory of planning and design

 Design models Engineering design process

 Design process models Design process theory

 Design process analysis Designing design process

 Planning of design activities Organisation of design activities

Industrial Implementation and Management

 New product search Design Economics

 Design change management Productivity in engineering design

 Trade-off analysis Methodologies for better productivity

 Case studies Yield maximization

 Virtual processing Control patterns in production chain

 Adaptive architectural systems Industrial implementation

 IT in design Design systems for production facilities

 Product realisation models Architectures for product realization

 Design automation Management of technology transfer

 Product lines RandD-Design Interface

 Tendering and Cost estimation Business Processes and BPR

 Team cultures Version management

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